Our ‘Survey Club’ Initiation

IMG_4691M and I were initiated into the ‘survey club’ today. I was a little disappointed there were no secret passwords, magical handshakes or other random mysterious rituals.

On a bit of a time constraint because of work, with no other surveyors to help, M and I physically surveyed our 18.96 with J today. Over the last few days, we’ve been wandering around the property, becoming acclimated to it. Today, however, served a purpose. We located all of the property corners and offsets so that we know exactly what our official boundaries are. That was work I didn’t quite anticipate! A simple walk in the woods is one thing; a jaunt through wildly unmaintained logged woods is quite another. According to J, our property was logged within the last five years and
because of that a lot of underbrush has grown out of control.

What I learned:

  • You’ve got to keep your eyes open when walking through the woods – look out for poison ivy, nettles, ‘hitchhikers’ and snakes.
  • I had no idea what poison ivy or nettles looked like before today.
  • I’m far more oblivious than I realize.
  • My daughter is growing ever more independent everyday … She stayed back and held the end of the tape while J and I fought through brush to a certain measurement. M caught up with us after said measurement was reached.
  • My husband is sexy doing what he does.
  • Surveying is hard damn work.
  • I think I’m right most of the time but did a good job of just keeping my mouth shut because reality told me my rational (but clearly spatially-challenged) brain was wrong … J showed me the property line and my brain would tell me different. I knew to take his word for it because he truly is the expert here. That was hard.