Today Was Hard

I’m pretty sure an elephant sat on my chest today. I couldn’t breathe at times.

I drank an extra glass of wine last night in anticipation of today. Thoughts flooded my brain and I couldn’t channel my inner yoga teacher for the majority of the day. I taught this morning at the rec center and felt overwhelmed – but I fought through it, and I think I gave them a pretty good class. I surprised myself.

Today was hard.

What I learned:

  • I am typically calm but am prone to anxiety as much as the next person given the ‘right’ situation.
  • I am thankful for my daughter.
  • Loving someone so much and having to live in a situation you cannot control is a good, but hard life lesson.
  • This situation is giving me the impetus to write regularly and to search my soul for what I am really feeling.
  • I still believe our thoughts create our reality and practiced that knowing in my sadness.
  • My rational brain tells me how thankful I am for my life while my emotional brain takes me on a roller coaster ride of feelings.
  • We went to the woods today and felt at peace.