The World Changed This Week

seeking calm instead of chaos
  1. The early part of the week was busy with work tasks and travel.
  2. I received design concepts for the new OhioSE site on Tuesday, have been working through them all week and landed with two solid options by the end of the week.
  3. Felt really comfortable in my skin and in my role as a yoga teacher for class on Wednesday night.
  4. We are all more alike than different. This week an Amish mom brought her two daughters to class.
  5. But the biggest news of the week is the Coronavirus extended outbreak and the actions being taken by our government to #flattenthecurve.
  6. On Wednesday Maddie found out her classes were moving to online- only.
  7. Thursday was another pivot point. We canceled events at work.
  8. Then Thursday evening Maddie called to tell us that the rest of her softball season is canceled. As expected, she was/is devastated. My heart hurts for her.
  9. On Friday she called again to tell us she’s staying there since the dorms remain open. The team isn’t practicing together in an organized fashion but she can continue to work out on her own with her teammates.
  10. It’s now Saturday and I spent the day focusing on calm instead of chaos.
  11. Tomorrow we plan to shop for baby chicks again.