Sheds As Living Spaces

I am in love with the idea of turning a simple shed into a living space. It can serve so many purposes.

I was out at the 18.96 yesterday with the dogs – first working, then relaxing. I walked the clearing several times trying to decide on the optimal layout. Last night J and I were talking and I told him about it, so he had me draw him a map. To my surprise he loved my thoughts!

I really want a garden shed/cottage, which I believe will be functional in all stages of use. I found one built buy a local amish company called Yoder Buildings. It is 10 x 14 (or 16). For now it will serve truly as a shed housing our lawn mower, weed eater, wheel barrow and other tools. But eventually I’d love to turn it into a yoga space for individual clients. It could also serve as a guest house if done optimally with a sleeper sofa. Here are the garden-shed-turned-living-space ideas I’ve uncovered.



Oh my gosh! It’s all becoming so real and I am so excited!