Progress On The 18.96

I met with Scott from South Central Power on Thursday to get electric service established on the 18.96. It’s apparent that electricians and web developers speak totally different languages. I also had no idea that we’d be at the mercy of our neighbors in establishing new service. The electric company provides a certain amount of feet of laying line for free (300, I believe). After that you pay by the foot for how far you have to go from the existing line. We have a neighbor relatively close that we can run service from, but only if that neighbors agree. I may need to go over and introduce myself if they don’t agree. Scott suggested that, in fact. I know part of the reason we are moving to the country is to get away from close neighbors. I imagine they like their privacy as well. Keeping fingers crossed that it all goes well. It will be expensive enough.

J’s dad, Ron, also met me on Thursday and weed whacked a good bit of the weeds that were growing on the property. He suggested a brush hog to get through it all a lot more quickly. That is the next item on the list so we can really get a good view of the area that is “cleared.” This area will comprise our farm, with chickens, goats, a greenhouse, garden and garage.

Where we are now:


Looking straight back upon entering the driveway, facing burn pile.


Looking toward the field, standing by the pile of wood that begins the entry into the woods.


View looking out toward the clearing from the start of the path into the woods.