My Two Very Different Lives

As both a yoga teacher and the owner of an online media company, I live two very different work lives almost every day. I’ve been doing a lot of contemplation lately about my teaching and whether I want to continue at my current rate. My classes at OU have felt flat to me since the second half of the semester began and I think it’s time to switch gears again. Online media work gives me much great flexibility and I thoroughly enjoy it most every day. Today I met with Charlotte, Director of Communication for APEG, who wants to bring me on as a part time Online Media Manager (vs. the contractual work I’ve been doing.) I hope it all works out. It makes the future feel very promising!

Yoga will always be a big part of my life and persona but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to teach it to live it. #happinessisinthismoment /day 30/IMG_0738