Living On ‘The 19’

J has eloquently named our place ‘The 19.’ I use the term on social media and now everyone who knows us refers to it as such. It’s funny.

So much has happened since I wrote last. Though we still own our home on Orchard Street, we are officially living on the 19. It is where we spend the majority of our days and nights.

Our garden is growing, the trails are well-established and it feels like home even if on a much smaller scale. There are still LOTS of things to do, obviously, but it feels really good to be here every day. It’s the perfect season for it. It’s also fun to be exploring, scheming and dreaming about all that will be created here. Each day is a step closer to where we want to be.


M’s last day of middle school at SHERIDAN! The next four years are going to be awesome for her!


J works so hard. While we’ve had ‘temporary’ electric for months, we just got regular electric service established earlier this month. He dug the entire trench by hand – plus filled it back in and we now have a flower garden on top of it!

The garden at the end of May.

Another view of the garden – and do you see the straw on the lawn? Grass seed planted.


The garden in the middle of June. The lawn is doing well too!


Another view, middle of June. Clothesline up too. (I think its ironic that our dryer died. We could buy a new belt but I like the idea of getting back to basics and letting all of our clothes dry on the line.


Do you see the eyes on this thing? It was in my jeep and I had to get it out! M put her bat bag in the jeep a few weeks ago and it jumped out at her. This part of country living will take some getting used to! J said this one is a Wolfe Spider – they are aggressive and dangerous. Nice.


 Maya and Haize love walking the trails with us!

Until next time, H