Living In Rhythm with Nature

IMG_4886We had to leave the house extra early this morning to make it to an 8a appointment in Columbus. I was up at 5a and out the door by 6:15a. My normal mornings are a lot more leisurely and I typically spend some time with my animals and complete household chores. (For some reason chores don’t seem that bad at 6a, plus I get them out of the way for the day so I can focus on business and family.)

This schedule change made me ponder living in rhythm with nature today. It’s not that I’ve never considered it. I have. But raising chickens has made me a lot more aware of the natural rhythm of life, particularly the seasons, sunrise and sunset. Chickens are really easy to care for but it’s important they get let out a little before sunrise and shut in to their hen house before or around dark. They definitely understand their cycles and will peck at the hen house window if no on is there to let them out in the morning. They also bed themselves in the evening, so all I have to do is shut the door so the varmints don’t get them.

IMG_4901I used to be unaware of these natural rhythms, working in government and traveling over an hour each way to work. In fact, most people who work ‘normal jobs’ are likely unaware of them because their days are dictated by a specific employer-given schedule. I began to become more aware of nature’s rhythm when I started working for myself six years ago. I love having my life dictated by earth cycles and would like to grow more in tune with them. I believe life on the 18.96 will lend itself well to this. The seasonal and daylight rhythms seem like the best place to start.

Beyond that, other considerations are circadian (body) rhythms and the life cycle itself. I’ve certainly noticed my sleep patterns have changed with my circadian rhythms – I am in a different space in my adult female life and sleep has been affected by it (or something else I am entirely unaware of.)

From Slow “Traditionally all cultures have lived in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles and have included celebrations, festivals and outdoor events to reinforce their occurrence. Most of these are now lost to our current consumeristic, success oriented lives.”

What does nature have to teach us? I think that is the real question. It’s funny, nature speaks loud and clear on certain occasions. Think of tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes. We have no choice under such conditions. But the quiet nature of the earth and our rhythms are equally powerful, and in fact can make a huge impact on the earth and our planet as a whole. My hope is that as I continue to grow as an adult I’ll slow down even more. It’s a choice and I am lucky enough to live a life that allows me to do just that.

May we all learn to breathe deeply and listen.

In Sanskrit, prana is breath, while Prana is the life force that connects us all. Listening is a skill to be cultivated and I believe the earth waits in anticipation.