Just a Random Monday

Yesterday was Monday which meant a little more online media work than normal. After rising early to feed, water and let the chicken out, I got to it so I’d have time for other things while  M is still out of school. She had chores to do and my main goal was to hang out with her instead of being buried in my computer all day.

The events consisted of chores with M – laundry and cleaning out the chicken coop, followed by reading for educational purposes and storing a little food for winter – simply blanching some corn for freezer storage. I made about 5 quarts and will repeat that process with corn from other places since we don’t currently grow corn here on our little 1/8 acres plot.

Maddie wanted to go to the volleyball scrimmage with a few friends at 5p and I actually fell asleep on the sofa for about a half hour – something I NEVER do. After I went to pick her up I had some time for personal writing – journaling and this post. The day was fairly uneventful besides the few things I read about.

What I learned:

  • I def want to establish a root cellar when we move to the 18.96. I read a great article in The New Pioneer outlining how to do it and the things to store for winter. EXCITED!!!
  • I need a refresher on pressure canning as I’ve only done it a few times and want to can everything once our garden is bigger.
  • Fresh eggs just taste better and make me feel awesome knowing I’m eating something so fresh that was produced on our property.
  • Fresh tomato sandwiches in the summer are my FAVE!
  • I love fried green tomatoes but cannot eat very many of them, just like fried morel mushrooms.
  • There is no way I will be able to write here every day with something interesting. As I’m finishing up this post Tuesday morning, I know my day will be filled with work (computer/writing/social media) – nothing special on the farm. I’ll just write when I learn things or do things to move forward with the 18.96 location of Orchard Street Farm.