It’s Really Happening!

IMG_4694It’s been quite a road to get to where we are today; back and forth with the bank, each other, roller coaster emotions. J and I talked to our loan officer yesterday and the title for the NEW ORCHARD STREET FARM on 18.96 acres is clean! We are good to go once all papers are signed. Since J is out of town for work at the moment, the title company is overnighting the paperwork to him today. He will then do the same back to the bank and I’ll be signing the first of next week. Squeeeeeeee! We are both so excited. He just texted saying “by this time next week we’ll be working on the 18.96!”

There is so much to do, but I am ready. I first need to weed eat in the pull-off area, then work with J’s uncle to secure a fence. After that there will be more weed eating on our path back to where the house will sit, plus cutting down logs that currently lay across the path.

There is a whole field to clear but we can’t do much with it besides weed eat in selected areas for fear of logs and other debris spread throughout – it’s a brush field. If we go in with a larger mowing utility, it could be disastrous for the blades. One thing at a time. Practicing patience.

The other news is that M is so ready to go to school in the new district. It’s J’s alma mater and I think he’s ready for her to go there too. We have volleyball to contend with first, then a few other physical technicalities. All of these sound like good problems to have. I am not complaining.

Until next time . . .