It’s My Birthday

Today is my forty-&#%@ birthday, and my first one on the 19! What a great, chill day it’s been. It is in the four o’clock hour as I sit here and write. The birds are chirping, frogs and croaking, dogs are snoring, hummingbirds are buzzing (by my head, literally), the breeze is gently blowing and I couldn’t be more content to just BE. HERE. NOW. I woke up this morning with a gentle hug from my honey telling me happy birthday before he whisked off to work. Immediately thereafter I checked my phone to find a sweet message from my M that she wrote right after midnight last night – one of the kindest, most thoughtful Instagram posts I’ve ever read – all dedicated to me! I love her!

FullSizeRender-1 IMG_6300

My friend, Allison, and I made plans to have coffee this morning, so I tied up and got things ready … IMG_6304

The 19 is quaint but you don’t need much with beautiful surroundings like this. We ate some of my homemade, just picked black raspberry pie!


Allison brought me the most beautiful flowers that she picked from her yard!


I had a little down time with the dogs so I decided to read – poems of all things!


And I found one I really liked …


I worked out (push mowed about 2 acres) and enjoyed my favorite berry beer around noon.


And now I’m just waiting on J to get home so we can grill over an open fire.


Life is good. Happy B’day to me!