It Feels Good To Decide

IMG_4803This whole “should we move now or should we move later” thing has been stressing all of us. There are so many tasks to complete on the 18.96 – and equally as many things to consider with M’s school and sports.

After a lengthy family discussion, we’ve decided to make the move now, establishing temporary residence in the new school district. I have been struggling with the timing and the idea occurred to me that there is no “one right way” to do things. Moving into the school district puts us closer to the farm and I’ve been there working the land or overseeing tasks most every day anyway.

I went to the Administrative Offices yesterday to complete paperwork and begin the process of getting M enrolled in her new school. I have one more thing to turn in today which will allow them to contact M’s current school and finalize the process. M told all of her friends yesterday which is a huge load off of her – she had been worrying about telling them, not knowing the exact timing as well as thinking about how it might hurt her team bond. She’ll remain where she is through volleyball season and begin at the new school in mid-October. We are all very happy.

A few weeks ago I went to the post office to determine logistics of getting our new mailbox set up. Yesterday, J’s Uncle Byrd put it up for us. I also went to the neighbor’s house to talk with them about the electric service but no one answered. I am writing a letter today that I’ll mail in the hopes that we can start a conversation.

I am typically not a nervous person but this whole thing has made me into a ball of nervous energy. I am hopeful there are no issues with any of the girls at M’s current school and equally hopeful that everyone is warm and accepting at the new school. We attended an OSU Football party last Saturday and M knew all of the kids there. She told all of them about our eminent move, though most of them already knew because our best friends have known for a few months now. News travels fast.

It was awesome to talk with both the basketball coach and the softball coach who each encouraged me to get her there before the respective seasons. – So many of her friends were also encouraging her to get things done sooner rather than later because of sports. M kept telling me she’d rather be there now, knowing it’s where she’ll eventually end up. She doesn’t even care if she sits out during basketball. Being in limbo is hard.

I am excited, nervous, hopeful and happy. All will be exactly as it’s supposed to be. Cheers to the 18.96!