I Love My Daughter Beyond Words . . .

Another day with J gone – M and I are ‘adjusting.’ Hmmm. Well, no word really fits. I guess ‘adjusting’ will have to do. She woke up super grumpy but we had plans to go to the 18.96. We did so but it didn’t end well for either of us. After taking the teenage lip for a few hours, I’d had quite enough. A few choice words from MY mouth and we were in the truck heading back to the urban homestead. An hour in her room produced this note . . .




After a lengthy discussion, we decided to give another go of getting some work done on the farm – and that trip was a small success. Though the current owners have given us full use of the property, we can’t do a lot to manipulate that land while we are still in the process of closing.

We took the dogs with us and simply cleared a little camping spot in the middle of the woods.



I also busted out the first of many asanas I’ll do here . . .


What I learned:

  • I love my daughter beyond words.
  • Sorry goes a long way.
  • Forgiveness matters.
  • Our words and how we treat each other matters.
  • I miss my husband.