Happiness /day 8/

My instagram post today:

These last few days have not been very happy. On one hand I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders & on the other I feel like I’m feeling sorry for myself. I had a chance to hike this morning (something I haven’t done in 5 days simply because my schedule wouldn’t let me) and it put everything back into perspective. Life really is one breath at a time – good, bad and indifferent. I’m truly finding that entire days are not blissful. #happinessisinthismoment

While I am going to keep up with this challenge, I’ll not be posting here everyday. It’s far too raw, too much, too personal. Instead I’ll be journaling & writing my way through it. If you’ve started this challenge for yourself, I’ll be checking in & supporting! Sending love to all on this gorgeous-happy-in-this-moment Wednesday morning. Be blessed! /day 8/ #onthe19 #sunrise

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