Happiness /day 17/

Putting a lot of effort into my media business. Just love this!


On another note … just when I feel I am at my breaking point, something amazing happens. God is truly in charge; I KNOW this. This morning, I received a really sweet message from an old friend I haven’t spoken to in a while. It said this:

“Heather, on way to work today and just feeling grateful that you were put into my life way back when. You have such a positive and calming presence and I thought of you because Sara’s friend thought I was your sister…..imagine that! Anyway, I thought it was because I dress younger than lots of women my age…..and guess who taught me it was ok to do that??? You!!! I am thankful not only for that, but for the friend you were in an upside down time of life. A time that I am still not completely settled with, but believe was a gift to bring me to where I am now, ever mindful of my great need for God. Anyway, to a great mom, friend, person, motivator, to you I wish the very best today and always! And…..give me a day I can come to the 19 to check it out! Hugs, C.”

After the falling out I had with another friend, these were words I needed so badly since I’ve been questioning myself. I proceeded to tell her of that situation (without giving any specific details) and she said this …

“I NEED your friendship now very much. You know you said some things to me way back when that were tough to hear, but TRUE. I think that is really your gift, you are honest and true, and you never say things in malice.”

That is true, and its a blessing and a curse sometimes.