Happiness /day 12/

Lunch and shopping with my friend Krisa gave me a lot of #happinessinthismoment today. We split Mahi Fish Tacos and a Reuben Cherise at the Cherry Street Pub. Yummy!


The light we are getting for the entry way.


One of our fan options for over the wood burner.


A few other lighting options …



This move to the 19 has been wonderful but there have also been a lot of trying times too. I had a falling out with a friend a few days ago. Admittedly I should have done a few things differently, but many of the things I said needed to be said. I’ve been feeling hurt for a while now and just been brushing it under the rug. M has been hurt too and I think our conversation made it seem as though the whole thing revolved around our daughters. That is not the entire issue. At this point I don’t think there is anything I can do to repair this relationship, but honestly that might be okay for now. Need to worry about family, friends who do care and work at this point in life – plus pray a lot for surrender, discernment, compassion and forgiveness.