Good Things Come . . .

While I know I don’t have a lot to write that is interesting right now, it is exceptionally important that I keep writing.

Good things come to those who write.

I am on a roll. I have been committed to my writing consistently since last week and because of recent events, I’m ever more present and introspective. I can’t seem to quiet my thoughts no matter what I do and I don’t think that is going to end anytime soon. That which grounds me has been removed temporarily. I must turn to other practices that ground consistently – yoga, conscious breathing and two practices in The Artist’s Way – Morning Pages and a daily walk.

In addition to grounding, I believe those four practices will also move me forward mentally, spiritually, emotionally and possibly financially (in the long run.) Each morning I wake at 6a and complete a number of my daily chores. That is followed by 750 Words (an online space to write my Morning Pages) at 7a, blogging/writing (here or on another one of my sites) at 8a and a walk at 9a. Client work occurs after that. My tendency has always been to jump straight to client work first thing the morning, but in doing so my personal work gets lost along the way and consequently I don’t move forward. I am ever hopeful this new schedule will serve me well.

Good things come to those who work.

The only news to report on the 18.96 is that it is a waiting game. While our loan was approved and we’ve been granted permission on the property, we can’t really do anything TO it until ownership is finalized. I spoke with our bank representative yesterday and it’s currently in the title search phase. He believes closing will occur Friday. The waiting has brought up a lot for me in terms of managing patience – with time and people. I happen to know that our the seller’s realtor (a high school friend of my husband) sent the info over to the bank on Sunday and he was just getting around to tasks yesterday (Wednesday.) It is our bank rep who is setting us back. I know, though, that it is what it is and there isn’t much I can do to control that. What I can control is how I react to it. PRACTICE. BREATHING. YOGA. WRITING. WALKING.

Good things come to those who practice.

Good things come to those who wait.