Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Trying to settle into new property is hard when you’re in two different places at once. With J working in NC, I’m here taking care of our current place, figuring things out with the land and working with various people to start the transition. Juggling it with work, study, M’s school, volleyball, travel softball plus visiting J (and coordinating taking care of dogs and chickens while gone) has been interesting. I am not complaining. Truthfully, I feel so blessed. And though I want things to go more quickly, I know that everything will work out exactly as it’s supposed to. Yes, everything’s gonna be alright.

IMG_4812I went to visit J after teaching a class at Sand Hollow Winery over the past weekend. The trip was a whirlwind in terms of both travel and emotion.

Class Saturday morning was amazing with 22 people in attendance. I met with some of the students and enjoyed a glass of wine immediately following and then darted off to Columbus International Airport that afternoon. My flight landed first in Philadelphia and I caught another plane to Raleigh/Durham. Excited, nervous, I made my way to passenger pick-up waiting for my better half. J pulled up in a beautiful red jeep and waved over to me with flowers. His face was covered with that mischievous grin that I love so much. My heart fluttered. How does he still do that to me, I wonder. I am madly in love with this man.

Duke ForestWe hung out with friends, ate amazing food, taste-tested two local breweries and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. How did I get so lucky to live this life? We may not be rich but we are happy.

On Sunday morning we ate breakfast at Nosh, a quaint place close to Duke University that was previously featured on Man vs. Food, hung around the pool all afternoon, then ventured to Carolina Brewery for dinner on the UNC Chapel Hill campus. On Monday, I got up before him and explored Duke Forest, then we went out to lunch at Fishmonger’s Oyster Bar after enjoying pale ales at Triangle Brewing Co. Poolside again for much of the day and I flew home early Tuesday morning. It all went by so fast but I feel blessed nonetheless.

During our time together, we talked about the planned move to the 18.96 but didn’t really come up with a final decision in the hows and whens. I think that’s what I both love and hate about J – he takes his time. It’s frustrating but he’s the Yin to my Yang. We don’t rush into anything and that is a good thing. How can everything not be alright when it’s alright right now?!

J isn’t thrilled about my idea of a small cottage but said he’s consider it. He’d rather build a garage and frame in an apartment. I’m concerned with the timing of it all as M is so ready to go to school at Sheridan – her lifelong friends go there, and she knows so many other boys and girls in and around her grade. The wait is killing her which makes it hard on this mama.

I’m meeting with South Central Power this morning to determine logistics and cost of electric service which will give us a little more information. One foot in front of the other. In the end, I know it will all work out as it’s supposed to. Everything’s gonna be alright.