adding 12 more to the flock

i called around this morning to see what types of pullets tractor supply and rural king had. i want to add some variety to the flock.

up until now, we have had four isa browns and two fancy bantams, all one year old. one of the bantams is a roo, so i wasn’t interested in any more of them. i shopped for different colors and sizes, and rural king had the best assortment.

m and i went this afternoon to pick them out. we now have four black australorps, four golden laced wyandottes and four ameraucana/araucana birds of some type which will hopefully give us a lot of variety, in addition to our original six. babies and current adults are pictured below, along with images of what the three new types are ‘supposed’ to look like once grown.

5/6 of current flock

“the babies”


ameraucana/aurucana adult – gosh i hope ours are this beautiful! (image from

gold lace wyandotte; so beautiful (image from pinterest)

black austrolorps (image from charmicvalleypoultry)