A Productive Week

Callie & Bodhi in the sun
  1. It was a long but extremely productive work week. We rolled out the new brand, OhioSE. I feel proud of all of the work I’ve put into it.
  2. Realized that everything for me is about purpose and that if I’m not feeling like I’m doing things behind my purpose, they feel flat.
  3. I have wanted to write each day this week. It’s been on my priority list but has taken a back seat, mostly to work.
  4. Thankful to feel more comfortable in expressing my ideas when I’d been hiding for too long.
  5. Feeling an embodied sense of peace. Gaining more understanding in my faith, not from my head but from my heart and body.
  6. Lots of dreams this week.
  7. It is gorgeous today; the high is supposed to be 60º!
  8. Need to explore Jungian Psychology and dream interpretation more again.
  9. M.E. brought Callie out to meet Bodhi.
  10. St. Bernadette, BW3’s and writing catchup.
  11. Sunshine, art journaling, a hike?, studying and sunshine for the remainder of this Sunday.