A Night With Friends

This post IS actually related to the 19, though the events didn’t happen here. Without going into too much detail, this whole move has been both a blessing and a nightmare, in some respects. Since purchasing the land over a year ago, J & I have accomplished so much – and most of it has been completed via ‘distance’ on his part. But since we only have a small living space (vs. the house that is coming), it seems others have a lot to think and say about that. Why? It started with one of M’s friends calling her ‘homeless’ and asking if she was ‘going back to her shed?’ She worked though those comments but it all came to a head this week over something else. She is stressed more often than she should be, and cried herself to sleep one night. It is a lot for this mama to handle on her own.

Living in less than 1000 square feet is not the easiest, but why should anyone care how we are living? That is on us. We work like everyone else. M goes to school, participates in sports and gets good grades. We just happen to be temporarily living in a small space in an effort to be financially responsible and thoroughly planful about our forever home. My glass is half full most of the time and I feel blessed that we’ve had the luxury of the beautiful outdoors all summer long.

Luckily too, I do have amazing friends who I KNOW have my back. It’s sad the way people act about things they know nothing about.

Last night I had a fantastic night with two of my closest friends, Krisa & Allison, along with many other acquaintances I hope to get to know better because of this relocation.