10 Things

I think I should start my ten things posts again. I was looking back through the blog and they were fun to read. Here goes:

  1. Lenten Friday = kale salad with hummus for lunch.
  2. I love a quiet Friday work day from home.
  3. It snowed last night!
  4. Sweet Bodhi. My God how I love this dog.
  5. Hobonichi Mega Weeks.
  6. Sooo looking forward to our Hiker Trailer in the next month and a half!
  7. Lots of branding activity at work. Busy.
  8. The Yamas and Niyamas.
  9. Embodiment Practices.
  10. Maddie is in Florida for softball and spring break. She is in Orlando this weekend. Yay her!
  11. I forgot! I do 11 things, not 10!