One Year on The 19!


Today marks ONE YEAR since purchasing the 19 and we have accomplished SO MUCH! I am thankful for this little blog that serves as a reminder of all we’ve done because I know I wouldn’t remember otherwise. It’s crazy to think that J was out of state when we signed and is out of state again today.

To date, here is a list of accomplishments and milestones I can remember over the past year. There are so many more!

  • Signed papers while J was in NC for work
  • Took many walks with M, J and the dogs and dreamed of the future
  • Did yoga in the woods
  • Surveyed entire property and marked all four corners and offsets
  • Cleared overgrown ‘field’ where our ‘lawn’ currently sits
  • Cut and stacked logs strewn about field
  • Moved dirt, graded driveway and ‘lawn’
  • Added driveway
  • Got M enrolled in new school
  • Built a firepit
  • Erected a garage with small living space
  • Moved into said living space
  • Put up a mailbox
  • Planted trees and flowers
  • Sowed a garden that’s already yielded 120 pounds of produce
  • Foraged for mushrooms
  • Watched baby squirrels play
  • Fed and watched hummingbirds flourish
  • Ate lots of feasts cooked over an open fire
  • Mowed a lot more than I have in a long time
  • Added a four barrel rain water system
  • Worked in the sunshine
  • Had a few parties
  • Foraged for black raspberries and made my first pie. Delicious! Why did I wait so long?
  • Added a MiFi hot spot to make work life easier
  • Saw J off to another work location
  • Made awesome salads from my garden produce
  • M started a new school year – her freshman year of high school!
  • Sold the truck
  • Enjoyed life so much more than I have in a long time!

Feeling so incredibly blessed today. Looking forward to the future!