My Current Life Survey

A fun little exercise provided by my writing coach, a life survey: rate self from 1 – 10 with 10 being highest, 1 needs lots of work. I liked this exercise. It made me think about things I don’t normally think about. How will I ever meet my goals if I never take personal inventory of where I am and where I want to go? Try it for yourself.

Creative Support System: 5
My husband fully supports my personal endeavors and I have more time than I used to but I don’t have writing friends, or even friends who read a lot. (I would love to start a book club to keep my reading on track too.)

Readings/Forums/Blogs/Podcasts that center on writing: 5
I have a few writing books I have read and am reading but need a lot more support in this area.

Daily Rhythm/Routine: 8
I write every single day, always for work, and I now accomplish my personal writing goals more consistently than I used to.

Physical Health: 7
I feel good most days. I still need to eat more veggies and exercise regularly. I move my body a lot but not as much as I should.

Nutrition: 7
See above.

Social Life: 6
We have a circle of friends we can count on. I would like to meet more women that have similar interests as my own.

Professional Life: 8
I love my work. I am finally settling into a new rhythm. I want to grow professionally.

Family Life: 7
My family is small. Mostly it’s J & I home together, unless he’s traveling. M & I are well connected though I wish we spent more time together.

Time in nature: 9
We live in the middle of the woods. For this, I am truly grateful.

Reflection/Mindfulness/Spiritual Health: 9
My life centers around this.

Fun/Adventure/Trying New Things: 3
Needs work.

Outreach/Showing up for others: 7
I am here for my family and friends. I believe they know they can count on me.

Hobbies/Outlets/Creativity: 7
Writing soothes my soul above all else. I want to start knitting again this winter.

Communication with Writing Coach: 7
I feel I am responsive. I read all communication and do many of the prompts. They keep me focused.

Commitment to current writing goals: 7
I am writing each day but I need to dive back in to my book; it’s nearly complete but lacks direction.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash