Embodied Writing

Thursday * EIGHT

  1. This. “Forward. Through the lens of HER life, not backward through the lens of mine.” Healing words.
  2. Some read to escape reality. I read to learn, to become more fully alive and to integrate the lessons into my being.
  3. Procrastination, and always with things I want to do, things that are important to me personally. There’s a story here.
  4. The air is thick and damp today. Still, I’m sitting in the garage with the dogs. Frizzy hair.
  5. My face hurts but I think it was worth it yesterday.
  6. A cream sweater, my mom’s. It’s August.
  7. Another call on her way home. My heart.
  8. Finishing before starting something new.
  9. He acts like we don’t feed him.
  10. 4:44p. Three cardinals today.
  11. A baby bird, from the nest under the deck?