A Letter to my Eight Year Old Self, an Excerpt

I’ve never been fond of writing prompts, but to be honest, I’ve not given them a chance. Often, I have topic ideas in mind and when I don’t, I write Morning Pages. Now that I’m working with a writing coach she’s giving me tools to ensure daily pointed writing. I need it; I’m lacking consistency.

Today’s assignment: write a letter to your eight year old self. I set a timer for thirty minutes and was surprised by what came out — specific hardships and ways to avoid them, deep rooted pain that I must learn to accept as part of me, and other insight I’ve had before but framed in a different way. Writing a letter to self provided a new perspective.

The last several sentences are universal enough to share.

You will still be trying to figure things out in forty years, yes at almost fifty, but you’ll finally know who you are. The ‘figuring things out’ is an ongoing process. With each new thing that happens to you, an insight will ‘pop.’ Life will be a series of these insights. It’s your job to be present and heed their calls.

You live in a universe that supports you; believe that. There is groundedness in this truth and from that space you can draw strength you didn’t know existed.

Love others instead of judging them. Know–like fully know–that everyone is doing the best they know how. Living in this truth will make you kinder and more accepting.

Sometimes you’ll fail, probably often, but it’s okay. Its just life teaching you what you still need to learn.

And for goodness sake, laugh, and take very little seriously. Being too serious will be the hardest thing for you to break. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. It shouldn’t be taken lightly but it should be lived from the HEART instead of the head.

I love you, as do many others. Be a force in the world, but in a quiet, gentle way. Let others see your soul. It’s the most beautiful part of you.

If you like to journal, write and reflect and have never tried this prompt, I urge to see what comes out.